iPhone 7/6S/6 Battery Pack Case with Qi wireless charging receiver, 3000mAh

iPhone 7/6S/6 Battery Pack Case with Qi wireless charging receiver, 3000mAh
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Wireless Charging Case für das iPhone 6, iPhone 6S & iPhone 7, inkl. eingebautem Akku von 3000mAh.
Dank des eingebauten Akkus im Wireless Case erhalten Sie eine doppelt Akkulaufzeit.

Product description

What's advantage & benefit you get if you use our juice pack case.

a, You got double battery life on the go, no need to charge your iPhone everyday!
b, You got wireless charging function, can charge your iPhone by wireless charger in home, office or coffee shop.
c, You got a protective case protects your iPhone from scratches and other daily wear and tear.
d, You got an extra 17+ hours 3G talk time, 13+ hours video playback, 12+ hours web browsing or 3+ hours 3D gaming.


1) The Lightning port of battery case is Not compatible with Apple Lightning headphones of iPhone 7, ONLY compatible with Apple Airpod, Bluetooth headphones. Support traditional 3.5mm headphones for iPhone 6 & 6s.
2) Skyocean Charger Case is only designed for your Apple iPhone7, iPhone6S/6 (4.7 inch ONLY)

Products Features :

-Ultra Slim construction and easy to install.
-This case is compatible with Qi Wireless Charger Pad.
-built-in 3000mAh battery will provide your iPhone to keep you going throughout the day, essential for traveling , camping ,road trips, business trips and other occasions.
-4 Levels LED Indicator-Will indicate the level of power your battery case is currently charged.
-On/Off switch with one-touch smart design easy to operate
-Long cycle life (up to 500 times)
-Charge Cable: Use your iPhone Lightning Cable to charge the battery.


Capacity : 3000mAh
Battery Type : Li-polymer
Input : 5V / 2A
Output : 5V/1A
Dimensions: 141x70.5x15mm
Weight : 85g
Charging Time : 2-4 hours
LED Indicators battery level display : Red0-25% , Blue:26-50% , Green: 51-75%, White:76-100%

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